CBI-Gangula-Kamalakar-and-MP-Vaddiraju-RavichandraThe central agencies are continuously knocking at the doors of TRS leaders as things are falling apart between TRS and BJP in the state and with elections fast approaching.

Now, CBI issued notices to TRS leaders. CBI issued notices to Telangana Minister Gangula Kamalakar and MP Vaddiraju Ravichandra in the case of fake CBI officer Srinivas arrested in Delhi.

The CBI on Monday arrested an Andhra Pradesh man for posing as a CBI officer from Tamil Nadu Bhawan in New Delhi. The man described himself as the agency’s joint Additional Director General of police and demanded costly gifts.

They are asked to attend the hearing tomorrow in Delhi. CBI sources claim that the arrested fake CBI officer Srinivas is in touch with Minister Kamalakar and the MP.

It is alleged that Srinivas tried to get relief in the case related to granite affairs through his contacts. In this order, CBI officials went to the Minister’s house in Karimnagar.

The CBI revealed that notices have been issued to record statements of Gangula Kamalakar and Vaddiraju Ravichandra on the issues of relations with Srinivas with whom they are in contact.