MP Avinash ReddyThe Viveka murder case is coming back to haunt YSRCP in more ways than one. A lot of fingers have been pointing at Kadapa MP and Jagan’s cousin Avinash Reddy.

Avinash had already attended the CBI investigation recently in Hyderabad. The CBI then said he might be called in again for investigation and the same has happened now.

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The latest news is that Avinash has been called for the CBI investigation again. This is the second time he is having to take the chair at the CBI office in the last month.

The CBI reportedly served the notices to Avinash through WhatsApp and he was ordered to attend the same on 24th of this month. He will have to be at the office by 3 PM on the said date.

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Amidst growing concern in YCP regarding the screw tightening on Avinash in Vivek murder case, the fact that he is called for the investigation for the second time in a short span is rattling YCP top leadership.