supreme-court_AP GENCOSupreme Court today delivered its judgement over the controversial judgement of Hyderabad High Court instructing AP to pay 58% salaries of 1200 Electricity employees working in Telangana Genco. These Employees were relieved by the Telangana Genco alleging that they have AP nativity.

Later the employees went to the high court and the court instructed that they should continue with Telangana Genco and AP should pay 58% of their salaries. Supreme court today delivered its final judgement. The apex court opined that Telangana government should pay their full salaries as long as they are working under them.

So the ball is in center’s court to decide up on the nativity and future of these employees. On the other side, this judgement will come as a huge relief to the Cash strapped state which is struggling to pay salaries for its own employees and it need not pay the share of salaries of these employees working in Telangana.