KCR charishmaPolitics in Telugu States have become a person centric since NTR Time. TDP represented by NTR and Chandrababu Naidu and Congress by Rajashekhar Reddy ruled the roost at their times for the sole reason, the leaders have the charishma to win the people with the strengths of their own. TRS also came to power with similar mantra of KCR’s Charishma.

Our Politics are expected to continue the same trend going forward too. This is the biggest drawback of the opposition in Telangana now. The one man is not seen in opposition parties right now which becomes advantage to KCR.

Revanth Reddy showed that promise initially but his popularity of late was marred by the Cash for Vote scam. Even though it looks like the case will reach no logical conclusion, it looks like it will take time to people to refill the credibility in Revanth’s case. The leadership crisis is helping the ruling party to flourish as people can not see as an alternative in opposition parties.