Cases On Ramoji RaoCBCID of Andhra Pradesh hurriedly filed cases on Eenadu Group Chairman Ramoji Rao and MD Sailaja Kiran in the Margadarshi issue on Saturday. At least seven cases were filed on them and branch managers of seven places of AP.

The CID says it is acting on the complaint of the Stamps and Registrations department and prime facie evidence of massive financial irregularities. It is interesting to note not even a single depositor has complained about Margadarshi.

But the Government is proceeding with this case for political vendetta towards Ramoji Rao and Eenadu. There are High Court orders not to take coercive action in this case like raids etc but the Government defied them.

This seems to be an arrangement to divert the attention of the media and public in case MP Avinash Reddy is arrested in YS Vivekananda Reddy’s murder case.

There are rumors in YSR Congress circles that Ramoji Rao will be served the summons and questioned to create a sensation about exactly when Avinash Reddy is likely to be arrested.

In all probability, the issue will land up in the high court before CID can take further steps in this case.

Also, Jagan may have picked wrong person for the diversion tactics. This will lead to ugly consequences and Eenadu will come hard with vengeance at the Government. It is almost like Jagan did a favor to Chandrababu Naidu and the other opposition with this move.