Cars To Cut-drawer Companies Are Leaving AP: PKThe government of Andhra Pradesh had been facing a whole lot of criticism for not bringing investments to the state and on top of that, scaring away potential investors with their destructive political approach.

Now, Pawan Kalyan has taken a sly dig at the YCP government in the context of YCP troops questioning him over the olive green pain for his Varahi vehicle, saying it is reserved for army vehicles and Pawan doesn’t even have a basic idea about it.

“Cars to cut-drawer companies, everyone is leaving AP for other states. The YCP government should focus on state development rather than my film ticket rates, the color of my vehicles, and other destructive implementations. YCP is more determined about their illicit shares in businesses than the state interests.” Pawan tweeted.

“With sheer jealousy, YCP Bone Structure is getting Rotten Day by Day. 1st you have stopped my films; in Visakhapatnam U didn’t let me come out of the vehicle & hotel room & forced me to leave the city. In Mangalagiri U didn’t let my car go out,then didn’t let me walk & now the color of vehicle has become an issue.OK,shall I stop breathing?? Next..” Pawan tweeted earlier today.