Capital Rumours - A big scam?

Are the rumours about the next capital of Seema Andhra true? How can a forest area like Donakonda be a capital? Will it be possible to construct a capital almost from ashes? These are the common question we get when we listen to the speculation regarding the capital. One unusual question is “Are these rumours financially aided?” Quite possible say some Political experts.

They are of opinion that these rumours may be funded and aired by few realtors with the help of some corrupt News Channels. Lands in Donakonda usually are between 50000 to one Lakh per acre. When the GOM has taken a decision about the state bifurcation, the rates were pushed to 3-4 Lakhs per acre and now with the wide speculations in the media, an acre is costing 10-12 Lakhs there. If the capital is not given in Donakonda, these realtors will be making gold out of dust. Same is the case with Macherla and Mangalagiri, where the land costs are rocketing.