YS Jagan vizagSajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, the Advisor to the Government (Public Affairs), a few days ago came before the media and said the court will give a favorable judgment in three capitals issue in four months. Sajjala is known to be one of the close confidantes of CM Jagan

“The Government will start functioning from Vishakapatnam in four months. Even if it is delayed a bit, it will happen for sure,” he said. Former Minister Devineni Uma lashed at Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy and senses a conspiracy in this announcement.

“The office shifting is happening silently even though there are pending cases in the courts. What is the indication of your adviser’s announcement of Capital changing in four months? Is it not true that you are trying to offload lands that are grabbed by your leaders with this announcement?,” Devineni Uma tweeted.

On the other side, the agitation of the farmers in Amaravati against the three capitals is reaching the 400th day. They are agitating for retaining Amaravati as the one and only capital of the State and to force the government to live up to the commitments made for them in the land pooling agreements.