Amaravati Farmers  Black Money Land Pooling - Chandrababu YSRCP The Main Opposition Party, YSR Congress had tried everything to create chaos in Amaravati, the upcoming capital of Andhra Pradesh. All those attempts to foil the Land Pooling did not work but then the farmers have imposed faith on Chandrababu Naidu and a National Record of the Most Peaceful Land Pooling of 30000 Acres Happened.

The farmers are already getting their share of developed plots. But unexpected blow arrived on them in the form of 500 and 1000 Notes Ban. Some farmers who have sold their lands recently are sitting on Hard Cash. As they always register lands according to the government value, the rest of the cash will be obviously Black Money.

Now they will have really tough time in converting those Cash. For an instance, the cost of One Acre is at least One Crore but the government value is 12 Lakhs. So rest everything is Black Money. But then sources say this will be a little percentage of farmers as most of them have already invested the money elsewhere.

But then some of the farmers who sold their lands after the boom followed by administration shift are shifting cash. YSR Congress is alleging that it was Chandrababu Naidu who enforced the ban of these big notes writing letters to the Central government and is the actual reason for the hardships faced by farmers. It has to be seen if they succeed in making Chandrababu Villain for Amaravati farmers.