Can Vijaysai Reddy Prevail Over Jagan Once Again?Elections would be held for 57 Rajya Sabha seats in 15 states. The polling would be held from 9 am to 5 pm on June 10.

The counting of votes would be held on the same day. Four Rajya Sabha seats are going to get vacant in Andhra Pradesh and all of them will go to the Ruling Party.

Vijaysai Reddy is also retiring and it is interesting to see if Jagan will renominate him. There are reports of a rift between the Chief Minister and Vijaysai Reddy.

He was even sidelined from the party’s election team. But Vijaysai Reddy exerted pressure on Jagan and was later given the responsibility of coordinating with the MLAs.

There were rumors that Jagan can not ignore Vijaysai Reddy for obvious reasons. Now, it has to be seen if Vijaysai Reddy can use the same pressure to get renominated to Rajya Sabha.

There is huge pressure on Jagan for Rajya Sabha nominations. Several cash bags and industrialists are ready to give huge party fund to get a berth. One berth has to be given to the candidate recommended by the BJP.