Can-TDP-Turn-Crises-into-OpportunityEver since the historic defeat in May, Telugu Desam Party is under severe pressure. Both BJP and YSR Congress are looking to engulf the party and ensure that it is not in the election fray by the time of next elections. BJP which has drawn a blank in the state in the recent elections is after the TDP leaders.

Four Rajya Sabha MPs defected to BJP and there are rumors about several TDP leaders, former Ministers, and MLAs leaving the party. TDP supporters are in a panic mode with this development but Chandrababu Naidu is trying to put up a brave face saying that Crises are not new for the Party.

We do not know if Naidu is confident or trying to infuse confidence into the party but this crisis is definitely an opportunity for the party. Its high time TDP gets rid of the old waters and infuse youth and vibrant leaders into the party. TDP further have five years to rebuild the party and work from scratch.

There can not be a better opportunity for the party than this but all it needs to be in the people as well as the patience to revamp the entire party from the grassroots levels. Chandrababu Naidu even though has the burden of age should take up the challenge and inspire the party cadre.