Can Pawan Kalyan Really Send The Message to BJP?BJP has fully concentrated on the Tirupati by-election by deploying its senior leaders in the Lok Sabha constituency. The saffron party has hit the ground first than any other party making it’s rank and file ready for the crucial election. Meanwhile, Janasena is not seen anywhere in the campaign in Tirupati.

To give an indication to the party workers, Pawan Kalyan is carrying out his own agenda and is touring the Krishna district now. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is not at all happy with the way BJP has treated his party and unilaterally entered the Tirupati fray. He is keen on teaching BJP a lesson.

“Janasena will let BJP fight its own battle and let BJP know its strength. They will learn a lesson about why Janasena can not be taken for granted. Pawan Kalyan at best will give a statement and stay away from the campaign,” a source in Janasena said.

This will be tricky for BJP but the saffron party is confident of convincing Pawan Kalyan at the last minute like how they did for GHMC elections. That is a point as well. It has to be seen how Pawan Kalyan can stay rigid on the decision and make his point to the BJP.