Pawan JansenaFrom the past few days, there is a buzz that Janasena is increasingly becoming impatient with BJP. Adding fuel to fire, BJP Vice-President DK Aruna in a TV interview went on to say there is no alliance between BJP and Janasena in Telangana and Pawan Kalyan may extend support to BJP impressed by Narendra Modi’s leadership.

This has outraged Janasena supporters. “It is like BJP wants Janasena in Andhra Pradesh but does not want in Telangana where it is relatively strong. It looks like the alliance is for the benefit of BJP and Janasena’s interests are not factored in,” Janasainiks opine.

They demand that the alliance should be in both the states or none. Even though Aruna said it now, it is not anything new. BJP refused to accommodate Janasena at least in a handful of seats in GHMC Elections and still Pawan Kalyan extended support to the saffron party. BJP has started taking Janasena for granted since then.

Interestingly, BJP tried to push TDP into a similar situation in 2014. The party wanted alliance in Andhra Pradesh but not in Telangana. Chandrababu Naidu stood his ground and said Both or none. Finally, BJP yielded to the pressure. The big question is if Pawan Kalyan can do a similar act. As of now, BJP seems to be the dominating partner in this coalition.