Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is under fire from the people as well as opposition for losing the prestigious Hero Motocorp Ltd. to Andhra Pradesh. Siddaramaiah finally came to media explaining the debacle. The Congress CM is of the opinion that the BJP led Central government supported Andhra Pradesh as much as it can to bag the project. Siddaramaiah said his government offered more or less same incentives to the company like Andhra Pradesh but the later managed to win the plant by offering free land.

On the other side, Karnataka government offered 500 Acres land at the cost of 35 Lakhs per acre. “We can not give land for free. Other companies will ask for it if we do”, Siddaramaiah ridiculed Andhra Pradesh as a desperate state trying to lure investors from Karnataka with the special incentives provided by the Center. He assured Kannada people that Karnataka will remain a hub to international investors and losing one or two companies will not decrease its charm.