BJP Haribabu on TDP allianceBJP never really had its mark on AP Politics till date. It always gets benefited only if there is an alliance with TDP. All of sudden, after 2014 elections, the party is trying to establish itself in the truncated state and is even not helping the state as much as it should because the saffron party do not want TDP to get the credit of the development.

But there is an acute displeasure over BJP growing in all sections of the people but the state leaders instead of bringing it to the notice of the high command are busy blowing trumpets. The other day, BJP President, Haribabu is saying that some people (Read as TDP) will have no bounds to their expectations and desires.

He went on to say AP did not get assistance of this much since Independence. Haribabu has to speak out what really happened on Special Status, Special Package, Special Railway Zone and other crucial issues. Comments like this will only make people more averse to BJP. And then a Congress like defeat is not so far in 2019.