Can-Nagarjuna-Akkineni-Sustain-in-PoliticsElection fever is gripping Andhra Pradesh as the election schedule is round the corner. Defections and new joining have intensified. The latest Sensation is that King Nagarjuna meeting Opposition Leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy at his Lotus Pond Residence a little while ago. There are speculations that Nagarjuna will be contesting from Guntur Parliament Segment on YSR Congress Ticket.

This came as a surprise because Nagarjuna despite being have friends in various Political parties always tried to stay away from Politics. Nagarjuna in several interviews mentioned that Politics is not his cup of tea. A shrewd Businessman Nagarjuna is, he always try to play safe. Nagarjuna was very close to Jagan’s father, YS Rajasekhara Reddy when he was the Chief Minister.

There were allegations of YSR doing some favours to Nagarjuna out of the Rule Book. Nagarjuna also reciprocated to that by acting in some government ads back then. Back then, there were rumours that Nagarjuna’s Political foray is imminent but the untimely death of YSR changed the political equations. He remained away from Politics.

There is no reason why Nagarjuna wants to enter politics at this stage. Guntur is a tough seat and also foraying into Politics will only mean troubling his own businesses and the future of his sons if he does not win or if YSR Congress do not come to Power. As of now, YSR Congress sources say it is a routine visit.