K Chandra Sekhar Rao is infamous for liberal use of cuss words on opposition leaders during the Telangana Agitation. Later he would cover it up as the culture of Telangana. But looks like he is not tamed even after being in a responsible position of the state chief Minister. The other day while referring to the Center’s letter on bringing Hyderabad Law and Order under Governor, KCR called Modi as a fascist who is here to destroy the democracy and federal spirit.

However this act of KCR will only mean that he is taking a lion head on head. Undoubtedly Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most powerful man in the country now and also BJP has the numbers in Parliament to pass any bill. KCR should have took the liberal route while dealing with Modi but now this aggressive approach will be detrimental to the interests of Telangana.

On the other side, Governor taking charge of Law and Order in Hyderabad is not anything new imposed by the NDA government.The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act has that in detail. Every clause of the bill was taken up by voting in the parliament. Even KCR said ‘Aye’ to pass the act then. If TRS party is claiming that they are not aware of this clause, they got to be lying.