Nara_Lokesh_Selfie_KIA_EmployeesNara Lokesh is currently on a statewide padayatra, Yuvagalam, through which he will be covering a whopping 4000 KMs. Apart from the connection with the common public, Lokesh is also using social media effectively to highlight TDP’s social projects in their tenure and call out Jagan on his failures in his current tenure.

It is known that the Kia Auto manufacturing establishment in Anantapur is the flagship implementation of TDP. Now, Lokesh has used the same to highlight his cause.

“Felt a sense of joy to see these happy youngsters working at KIA being taken to the plant on a company bus at Penugonda, erstwhile #Anantapur Dist. Can @ysjagan ever take a selfie like this in his life? #YuvaGalamPadayatra” Lokesh tweeted as he shared a selfie with youngsters who are on their way to the Kia office.

The Kia plant in Anantapur is one of the major investments in the state and it happened during TDP’s tenure. The TDP troops are now arguing that TDP could bring such major investments to the state, while YSRCP failed miserably and on top of that, scared away many investments with their hostile methods of operation.