National Parties with the leadership from North have always struggled in the South. Congress is an exception to some extent but the party is also traveling in the same direction since 2014 elections. BJP and Congress are equally confused about their strategy in Telangana.

BJP President Amit Shah is touring Telangana from yesterday and will come to the state once again later this year. On the other side, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is visiting the state on June 1st, a day before Telangana Formation Day.

He will also conduct a huge public meeting here. Both the parties have pinned high hopes on these visits to make things favorable for them in Telangana Political Sphere. The big question is that can they really connect to the masses speaking an alien language.

TRS is keenly observing the proceedings in both the camps but looks like is least bothered till now. The Pink Party is sure of coming back to power in 2019 and that too with a majority more than what they have got in 2014. 2 Years is very little time for the Opposition to clean all the mess, the ruling party opines.