KCR, KCR Vs Uttam Kumar Reddy, KCR Vs Uttam Kumar Reddy Upper Hand, KCR Dominates Uttam Kumar Reddy, KCR Uttam Kumar Reddy Verbal War T-CM KCR arrived today at Begumpet Airport with a roaring welcome from TRS cadres after a historical inking of agreement with Maharashtra government on Godavari river water sharing agreement.

KCR came blazing all guns against congress leaders especially Uttam Kumar Reddy on his claims that erstwhile congress government of United AP entered into an agreement with Maharashtra government to construct the Tummidi hatti barrage on pranahita in Adilabad district at 152 metres height in 2008. KCR rightly reasoned that what progress congress government achieved in the construction of the project of the same till 2014. KCR offered to submit resignation to the governor in Rajbhavan immediately if Uttam produces the said congress government’s agreement on Tummidi Hatti.

Even the then Maharashtra congress government objected to the construction of Tummidi hatti project at 152 metres level instead of 148 metres which will lead to the submergence of villages in Maharashtra. Further, KCR warned that his government would wage a legal fight against the congress leaders who are indulging in false propaganda on irrigation projects in Telangana. But, in this round of challenge KCR emerged as the clear winner. Let’s see how Congress leaders retort to KCR’s warnings and challenges.

But, the unsung hero behind the historical agreement with Maharashtra is none other than T. Harish Rao whose contribution to the same largely goes unnoticed by media houses in Telangana.