"Call Us Indian Americans, Not Hindu Americans!"Owing to the recent racist slurs in some parts of the US against ‘Hindu Americans,’ some 60 families have come together to ensure that such discrimination does not happen in the coming future. More and more people in the US, especially of different races, are trying to instigate the rather wealthy and well-settled Indians by targeting them.

Naturally, as a consequence, US Americans have realized the need to come together as a common entity than form groups that distinguish them as ‘Hindu Americans.’ Hence, a rebranding campaign has begun to cut short the damages at the very beginning.

Those involved in the rebranding process say the move was vital to tackle the real issues that affect the community like anti-Asian violence, thousands of H1B children that are aging out of the system, and the challenges that the second-generation Indian Americans face while having to fit into both Indian and American cultures.

The former president of Indian American Forum for Political Education, New England, feels it is time that the emotion of one India needs to be promoted amongst Indians practicing different religions, both in the US and in India.