Call Money: Amaravati's image at stakeBejawada few decades back was in news for rowdyism. Many feel that it is one of the prime reason for Development totally evading the city for years together. Slowly things started to become normal and future looked rosy with the capital announcement post the state bifurcation.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is making all efforts to put Vijayawada on Global map by sketching and implementing broad plans. Even the administration had started to run from Vijayawada from couple of months. At this time the Call Money scandal in which money lending leeches giving money at higher interests and are forcing defaulting women to prostitution.

This scandal is as usually getting super mileage in our TRPs hungry News Channels and is posing threat to the image of Vijayawada and the capital region of AP. There are enough indications that leaders of all the parties are involved in this scandal. Naidu should step for stern action on leaders irrespective of party lines, to make sure it does not mar the state’s image.