pawan-kalyan-impact-2019-andhra-pradesh-elections-pollsJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan is once again coming back with one more Public Meeting on Special Status. The latest entrant into Telugu Politics managed to create some buzz in politics since the day he floated his Jana Sena Party. There is definitely some role of him in TDP-BJP combine victory in the last elections while everyone have their opinion about the quantum of that role.

But then Pawan Kalyan is highly unpredictable in politics after the elections. Sometimes he appears favourable to the government and sometimes tries to point fingers on issues. While no one really understood his agenda for 2019 when he will take plunge into active politics, TDP and YSR Congress has their own estimations of the Jana Sena Threat.

TDP is hoping that Pawan Kalyan will not sail away from it. But then if he really does, the ruling party will have some tough time to counter him because the party itself got a lot of good will to him and taking him on all of sudden may not be that easy as people will look it as ‘Use and Throw’. TDP will be praying that it will not come down to that position.

The main opposition party, YSR Congress is already feeling the heat. The party already came to a conclusion that he is coming to the rescue of the government and is taking the sheen of the opposition agitations on every issue. If Jana Sena goes against TDP, Jagan is worried if Jana Sena will eat away his opposition space expecting that Pawan Kalyan is not greater than Chiranjeevi and Jana Sena electoral success can not be greater than Praja Rajyam. If the calculation is wrong and Jana Sena impact is high, then the three sided contest may force a hung and there is all probability that Pawan Kalyan will not Jagan’s side for obvious reasons. If TDP and Jana Sena contest together, then Jagan may have to face disappointment yet again. In such case, Jagan will hope Pawan Kalyan turns against Chandrababu, eat into TDP’s votes and advantage YSR Congress.