Nara_Lokesh_Nara_Chandrababu_Naidu_YSJaganYS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Bye Bye Babu is by far the most successful political campaign in Telugu history. The campaign misled the people and made them award 151 seats to Jagan.

But that ‘Bye’ seems to be inflicting unimaginable damage to the state and generations to come. The state’s only focus these days is taking loans and spending money on freebies. In complete contrast to how it used to be between 2014 and 2019, Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh used to be very active in pitching the state to investors and bring huge investments to AP.

There is zero focus on infrastructure creation or employment generation. The best example of this is the latest WEF Summit in Davos. There were talks that AP is not invited and the government claims it is invited but not attended.

Either ways it reflects what is wrong with the mindset of the current government and what that ‘Bye Bye Babu’ campaign has got for the state. Telangana, meanwhile, flourished as BRS focused on investments and development.

At the WEF, Microsoft pledged 18,000 Crore worth investments in Telangana while Amazon Web Services pledged another 35,000 Crore. There are many other investments as well.

This is when the Government casually says it has been invited but did not go. The problem is not about not getting investments, this attitude itself is a bigger problem. That ‘Bye Bye Babu’ was a costly mistake.