Pawan Kalyan’s speech at Jana Sena Party inauguration struck chord emotionally with fans and youth. He cleared air about the differences between him and his brother, Megastar Chiranjeevi. But the speech over all is not politically correct. The actor gave a chance to his distractors to doubt his honesty by not questioning his brother. People in the state are not at all happy with Chiranjeevi. Now that Chiranjeevi openly took on Pawan today, unless Pawan Kalyan speaks against him in his next media meet people will not be convinced with his honest intentions.

Also, Pawan could not explain his party’s agenda clearly. He seemed to be totally unprepared. His statement about not knowing if he is going to contest or not adds to it. His 2 hour long speech focused on why he wanted to come in to Politics but not on what he is going to do. He focused more on the state bifurcation issue. So, he should have tried a bit in showing solutions to the problem which would have influenced the neutral audience. He is expected speak more on his agenda in his next meet.

The biggest mistake is yet to come. The actor spoke of joining hands with any party except for Congress. In the inauguration speech itself he gave an impression that his party is weak to go independently. All these mistakes holds good if he is contesting 2014. If not he will get ample time to make amends all to these mistakes.

If sources are to be believed Pawan’s next media meet will happen on 29th March. Pawan is expected to question his brother Chiranjeevi and other Cong politicians who openly attacked him today. Pawan is working on turning Jaya Sena in to a full fledged political party by 2019. Pawan’s next press meet will clear the confusion around the party and their strategy on immediate elections.