JP Nadda - Narendra Modi - Amit ShahPolitical circles are abuzz with the rumors of BJP high command doing a survey in Andhra Pradesh about the current political climate in the state. We do not know about the authenticity of the survey but it is viral on social media.

The survey reportedly covered 4.58 Lakh samples across the thirteen districts of the state. The survey asked questions regarding Government performance, the effect of Navaratnalu, Performance of the Opposition, working style of YSR Congress MLAs etc.

Around 62% of the respondents felt the Government’s performance is not upto the level. They feel the benefits of Navaratnalu are very less when compared to the burden incurred due to prices hike of the commodities, lack of works, etc.

If the survey is really done, 4.58 Lakh survey sample is definitely a good size to trust the survey.