2019-elections-survey-polls-ysrcp-seats-tdp-seatsThe Main Opposition Party, YSR Congress is struggling to infuse confidence in people and to keep their leaders and cadre confident. All the efforts in that direction are not yielding results as much as the party would like. The Party’s Rajya Sabha MP, Vijaya Sai Reddy let out a Survey to infuse confidence in the cader.

He went on to say that the party will be getting 158-160 seats if the elections are to be held today. He even said that TDP and its partners lost about 15% voting from the last elections. Usually, people will not believe the surveys declared by the parties themselves and this survey is not believable even to the hardcore supporters of YSR Congress, Political experts believe.

“The fact is that if elections are to be held today, YSR Congress will not have candidates at least 30-40 seats forget about winning 160. The party could not even appoint in charges in the place of defected MLAs in some segments. A much-balanced survey would at least instill confidence in the cadre”, a YSR Congress Leader on anonymity said.

2014 elections is a wave election. The state believed Chandrababu Naidu is the only leader who can steer the state out of trouble. TDP was also complimented with Modi Wave and Pawan Kalyan support to some extent. All this combined could not ensure 110 seats to TDP and that means 160 seats to YSR Congress can be a big joke, Political Experts say.