Durgam_Chinnaiah_MLAPublic representatives are often in the news for all the wrong reasons. Every now and again, we see a news report about an MLA or MP abusing power or showing high handed behaviour.

In a latest incident, BRS MLA Durgam Chinnaiah was caught on camera slapping a toll booth worker.

Going into the story, the Bellampalli MLA was returning from Hyderabad to his constituency last night. He was then stopped by a toll booth employee, presumably for toll fee collection.

The MLA is evidently enraged by the same and he then came out firing. He slapped the toll gate employee, leaving the latter running for safety. The whole sequence was caught on the CC camera.

This video is now going viral on social media and netizens are firing on the MLA over the same. They are saying the MLA should’ve kept a calm head instead of showing his might on a commoner.