Brothers raped Sister for 5 years!,MalwaniIn a horrific tale of violence and degradation that brings chills up the spine, two men were arrested by the Malwani police for raping their 17 year old sister.

According to the complaint lodged, the complainant is a junior college student who has stated that the rape has been going on for the last four to five years whenever the three were alone at home. The two brothers on the other hand include one labourer while the other remains unemployed. The victim has said that the brothers used to give her something for unconscious after which they would rape her. They would then threaten her into keeping silent.

As for the accused, the men were produced in court after the arrest and have been remanded to police custody till April 2. The brothers however maintain that girl has made a false statement and that they were only preventing her from stepping out of the house as per her wishes.