Brother Anil Kumar's Response On Sharmila's Party In APYS Sharmila‘s Husband and Popular Evangelist, Brother Anil Kumar was spotted in Vijayawada by the media. He revealed that he is in the city to attend a marriage ceremony. Anil was asked about the rumors of Sharmila starting a new political party in Andhra Pradesh.

“I am no way connected to Politics. Don’t ask me,” Anil told the media. Anil, one of the most popular evangelists in both the Telugu States has been instrumental in increasing the Christian Votebank to the Late YSR and Jagan Mohan Reddy before the 2019 elections.

Sharmila is hoping for the same with her YSRTP as well. But then, Anil Kumar is never a face in politics and only works behind the scenes. There are speculations if his Andhra Pradesh visit has any other reason in the wake of rumors about Sharmila in AP.

The YSRTP President has been making veiled comments about starting a party in Andhra Pradesh. Rumors are rife that Jagan and Sharmila have differed with each other in sharing of properties.