Brother Anil Kumar Tension For Jagan YS Sharmila has dropped the first hint about starting a Political Party in Andhra Pradesh. When asked about the possibility, she questioned in reverse why one should not start a Party in AP. That has fuelled the rumors about Sharmila entering AP Politics.

We do not know if that happens but if it happens, it will be interesting to analyze the repercussions. It is unlikely that Sharmila can divide the anti-incumbency vote. So, the Opposition is safe. The ruling party, however, will be in trouble most likely.

Reddy and Christian community is the loyal vote bank of YSR Congress. We can not ascertain the mood of the Reddy community but there will be a huge dent in the Christian voting. It is Brother Anil Kumar who consolidated this vote for YSR and Jagan.

He used to consolidate the voters with the help of his pastors network. He will obviously be on Sharmila’s side this time. Religion is always powerful than Politics. If he can bring in a divide in YSR Congress Vote Bank, it will be a massive setback and may lead to an upset in 2024.