Manish ShahManish Shah, 53, who was a partner at the Mawney Road Medical practice in Romford, east London, has been sentenced to two life sentences, both of which will run concurrently after serving a minimum of 10 years. The BBC has reported that Shah was convicted recently of 25 sexual assaults against four women at his GP office in Romford.

Ironically, the British-Indian GP was found guilty of 115 counts of sexual assault against 28 women for doing unnecessary, intrusive tests. The judge, in his case, felt Shah was a ‘danger to women’ given the scale and nature of his offence.

It has been said that Shah took advantage of his position to get women to have invasive vaginal examinations, breast examinations, and intimate examinations when there was no medical need for such tests for his own sexual gratification. He was also guilty of grooming young patients to take such tests by posing cancer danger.

Though Shah was a well-regarded GP, he manipulated women to satiate his needs, it was found. While Shah was suspended from practice in 2015, he was charged again, and he will be disqualified from practising in the UK though he will be able to practice in other countries in future.