Bringing Hyderabad to Lockdown Once Again- Official Hint HereSpeaking to HMTV TV Channel, Telangana Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav hinted about Lockdown to be imposed on Hyderabad once again. “The Corona cases in Hyderabad are increasing mainly due to the huge population here. But Government is doing everything it can to control this crisis,” he said.

“We had to implement some relaxations due to the norms of the Central Government. The Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao will take a decision on re-imposing the Lockdown in one or two days. Financial issues of the people will also be taken into consideration,” Talasani added.

According to the medical bulletin released last night, the state had registered 208 new cases in 24 hours. 175 of those cases are from the GHMC region itself. The total cases in the state have gone up to 4,320 with 165 deaths. More than 70% of the cases and deaths are from the Capital region only.

Bringing Hyderabad under Lockdown will have financial implications on the state as well as Hyderabad contributes the major chunk of income of the state.