Manda Krishna MadigaMRPS President Manda Krishna Madiga demanded that all those who have resorted to Financial crimes should be hanged. He will be meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi very soon and urge him to bring legislation to award the death penalty for such offenders. Manda Krishna also lambasted Andhra Pradesh, CM Jagan.

“YS Jagan Mohan Reddy who is involved in several financial frauds became the Chief Minister only because this is India. If this is the case of China, he would have been already hanged,” Manda Krishna said. The MRPS leader alleged massive caste fanaticism in the current Government.

“Jagan Reddy will cherish the encounter of Disha Case Accused just because they belong to SC communities. If they were Reddy, Jagan would have been silent. It is our bad luck to have a Chief Minister who welcomes extra-judicial killings right from the Assembly,” he angrily added.

Meanwhile, the AP CM skipped the CBI Court appearance the other day. His counsel filed an exemption petition saying that Jagan is busy with the ongoing Winter session of the Assembly. It may be known to our readers that Jagan did not attend a single court proceeding ever since he came to Power.