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Home Politics BREAKING: Supreme Court Orders Floor Test Tomorrow in Karnataka

BREAKING: Supreme Court Orders Floor Test Tomorrow in Karnataka

BREAKING: Supreme Court Orders Floor Test Tomorrow in KarnatakaSupreme Court has ordered Floor Test Tomorrow at 4 PM at Karnataka Assembly. The Apex Court slashed the order of the Governor who asked to prove majority in fifteen days after taking the oath. BJP‘s Counsel argued in the court to give time at least till Monday but the court turned down the request.

Congress and JDS MLAs who are currently stationed in Hyderabad will have to be ferried back to Bengaluru. BJP is eight MLAs short of the Simple Majority in Karnataka Assembly and has to be seen if Yeddyurappa will be able to prove his majority.

Horse Trading will be in full swing tonight and it has to be seen if Congress and JDS MLAs will be able to save their MLAs. BJP and JDS forged an internal understanding before the elections but JDS decided to go with Congress after the election. Because the offer of Congress to give the Chief Minister Post and other plus Cabinet Berths is too rosy for JDS than what BJP is offering.

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