Brand New Lokesh Impresses TwitterTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has become the first politician in Telugu states to participate in a Twitter spaces session. Whatever the platform maybe, we do have certain ideas and opinions about what to expect from the speeches of the politicians but Lokesh has debunked all those.

There is no usual aggression, forcedness, or anything of such sort, we expect from a politician. The speech was composed and like how we talk and discuss in normal meetings. He seems to have utmost clarity on various issues and delivered it simple and sharp.

He took turns speaking in English and Telugu which instantly connected with the listeners. He took every question and gave us a feeling that he is in touch with the ground reality as well as the social media proceedings. Even though the conversation is light-hearted, he criticized the government straight to point wherever it is applicable.

The best part of it is reserved towards the end, he told the TDP supporters about how YSR Congress leaders and cadre would send emails to the VIPs asking them not to give him an appointment when he was a minister. He told his people never ever do that. “We shall fight in the state, when we are outside, remember we are representing our state,” he told.

This session of Lokesh may have done more good to him and his image than all those fiery speeches in the press conferences at least with the target audience on social media. He announced having one such session every month. If that is religiously followed, there can not be a better decision for him and the party.

We can see that already as quite a good number of common people and even Janasena supporters acknowledging improvement in his communication skills.