Kalyan-JewellersKalyan Jewelers of Kerala Branch, who were critically offended by the unnecessary losses caused by fake news propaganda over the social media. The owners claim that a couple of fake videos using their company’s logo and name were made viral on social media which showed negative about the gold selling company.

The videos showed one of the shops of Kalyan Jewelers in Dubai being inspected by officials who then found out fake gold in the samples that they collected. In reality, the video was of a regular inspection held at one of the gold shops in Dubai which the fraudulent morphed and portrayed it as a seizure of Kalyan Jewelers by the officials for trading fake gold.

The firm as a counteract moved the Kerala court asking for a super control and supervision on contents shown on the social media platform to which the court responded positively incurring a regulatory mechanism to have a control over the fake news spread on social media to avoid such damages. Now the film stars all over the country who have always been the bait of such fake games via social media might come out asking for similar control over their issues too.