Brakes To BJP and Janasena Could Not Have Come At Worse Time Andhra Pradesh BJP was trying to squeeze as much as a political advantage from the Ramatheertham issue. Communal issues were the favorite of the Saffron Party and it had pinned high hopes on the Ramatheertham issue to make a splash in AP politics.

Somehow, the Ruling Party also directly or indirectly helped BJP at that time by not allowing BJP leaders to go to Ramatheertham. But then, BJP’s efforts met with a roadblock with the Privatization of the Vishaka Steel Plant issue.

Both Janasena and BJP are on the back foot ever since the issue took center stage. They merely gave a couple of representations to the Central Government asking to reconsider the Privatization and have completely disappeared from the ground after that.

BJP President Somu Veerraju even decreased his media appearances while Pawan Kalyan is maintaining silence like always. This is even as Panchayat elections are happening and Municipal Elections are nearing. If the silence has to continue, it will be big trouble for the parties in Municipal elections where the elections will happen on party symbols.