Boys Molest Two Girls and Post the Video OnlineThis incident shows the condition of women out there. There is already a scary atmosphere outside for women. But this incident tells how a category of men took it granted of using a female as a toy against their will.

A group of 14 boys molested two girls in a public place while the spectators stood still as if nothing was wrong there. The men are can be seen bullying the girls while some of them shot the video. One of the girls was pulled by her hand and a boy even lifts her up in his arms while the other boys keep laughing making jokes.

The girls kept pleading them to leave asked if they don’t have sisters at home. The boys took the molestation to the next level by posting the video on social media. What were they thinking? They post such a video and yet can escape? or don’t care about the law? Yogi, the chief minister of UP has recently brought a law of Anti-Romeo act in the state to avoid such incidents and yet they happen.

Police filed a case against the group and took one of them into their custody so far. These boys are minors as the police say.