Boyapati Srinu, Boyapati Srinu TDP Party, Boyapati Srinu TDP Relationship, Boyapati Srinu TDP Caste Controversy, Boyapati Srinu Caste Controversy Boyapati Srinu is roped in to supervise Nithya Harathi for Krishna Pushkaralu. Last year, he was roped in to direct a documentary on Godavari Pushkaralu. Boyapati completed the shoot a day before Pushkaralu actually began. But then the deaths that occurred due to the stampede was thrown into his account saying that he was shooting at that time when the crowd swells.

Andhra Pradesh government roped him in to supervise Nithya Harathi for Krishna Pushkaralu as well and he is doing some good work with the beautification of Prakasam Barrage. The lighting at the barrage and Krishna Varadhi has become a talking point in Vijayawada. Some enthusiasts have circulated an unrelated picture and said it is the barrage.

Some anti-TDP media houses have started pinning down Boyapati as if he circulated the photos all himself. They totally ignored the fact Prakasam Barrage lighting is equally good but are busy on venting their frustration on TDP government as well as Boyapati. The director also belongs to the same caste they hate has come handy for them.

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