Botsa, When Did Any Committee Solve A Problem?Minister Botsa Satyanarayana responded to the UTF-led teachers’ call for the siege of the Chief Minister’s Office demanding the abolition of the CPS.

Botsa spoke to the media in Vizianagaram on this issue He said the government had set up a committee on the issue of CPS.

“Is it justifiable for teachers to call for Chalo CMO even before that? Is this appreciable in a democratic system?,” Botsa asked.

Interestingly, YSR Congress supported similar agitation on the same issue while they are in Opposition.

“We have given three years’ time for this government. Appointing committees is just an attempt to kill time. Abolition of CPS needs political will more than anything,” the teachers are saying.

“We have already seen Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy saying Jagan has promised to abolish CPS without lack of proper knowledge. After that statement, what is in it for us to wait further for the committee report,” they are questioning.

Meanwhile, there are unprecedented security arrangements from Vijayawada to Tadepalli so as to foil this protest.

Police are almost stopping traffic into Vijayawada to ensure that the protest fails.