Baddukonda_Appalanaidu_Botsa_SatyanarayanaNellimarla constituency came into existence in 2009 after delimitation. The three elections after that went towards three different parties. YSR Congress’s candidate Baddukonda Appalanaidu won 2019 with a record 28K majority.

Appalanaidu and Minister Botsa Satyanarayana’s son-in-law, ZP Chairman Srinu are relatives and they are strengthening their relationship further by a marriage in the family.

While they are staying united, Botsa is supporting his brother Botsa Lakshmana Rao as the candidate of Nellimarla for 2024.

This has created a rift between the MLA and Botsa.

Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy recently attended a marriage in the family of the MLA. Botsa family members had to meet the CM only at the helipad.

MLC elections are also giving rise to new headaches here. Penmetsa Suresh supported by Botsa is the MLC here but his tenure is completing this March. The MLA and ZP Chairman are promoting another candidate for the MLC.

Like this, both factions are competing with each other to get a hold of the constituency.

The high command is behaving as a mute spectator in this feud.