Botsa Allegations Chandrababu 500 Notes 1000 Notes Ban InformationAs soon as the Central government has announced its decision to ban all the existing 500 and 100 notes to tackle black money, fake currency, and Terror Funding, Praises started pouring in for Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who has foreseen this long ago and has consistently demanded for the ban of these big denomination notes.

As always YSR Congress has got heartburn while seeing Chandrababu get the credit and it has now come up with a ridiculous allegation on the Chief Minister. YSR Congress Leader, Botsa Satyanarayana demanded that the Central government should probe into how Chandrababu had a prior information about these Notes Ban.

Botsa alleged that Chandrababu with that prior allegation sold the retail division of his Heritage to Future Group. But then it makes no sense as this is a deal closed in the supervision of the Stock Exchange and all the money involved in the deal will be totally White and involves no cash.

But then YSR Congress is trying to sow the seeds of doubt in people by spreading such rumors about Chandrababu. This seems to be an attempt to paint Chandrababu with the same color as Jagan is being trolled in social media about his stashed wealth, TDP folks allege and they are confident that people could see through it.