Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao had announced that the first meeting between the Chief Ministers of both the Telugu states went on in a very healthy environment. He told the media that it would have been nice if both the states got equal opportunities after the state division. He told that his government is open to work collectively for the development of the Telugu states. KCR has revealed that several issues were resolved in this meeting.

1. To avoid clash of Budget sessions and increasing the security problems, Telangana Budget sessions will begin after AP sessions.

2. Telangana requested AP to complete their session by September 7th for which the later agreed.

3. Employees division will be handled by higher officials of the both the states working with coherence.

4. Unsolved higher officials division will be sorted by the joint Chief Ministers meeting.

5. Both the states agreed to adopt amicable methods regarding ports and borders since both of the states have the need of the others.

6. The services of premiere organization will be used by both the states.

7. It is not clear if Fees Reimbursement issue came up in the meeting. But on the question from a journalist, there is only one program in Telangana and that is FAST.

On the other side, AP CM Chandrababu said “Governments stay for 5 yrs. States are permanent. People are permanent residents of a state. We need peace & harmony among Telugu people.”