Boston Mahanadu: TDP Lacks Basic Media Skills!Ahead of Telugu Desam Party‘s annual Mahanadu, it is customary for fans and Supporters to have Mini Mahanadus at their places.

One such Mahanadu happened in Boston, USA last week. It has come as a big success with huge turnout and Supporters doing big celebration in solidarity to the party.

The Mahanadu has become a talk of Indian diaspora and Telugu political circles for the scale of the event and also the participation.

Naturally such events should be widely publicized in the media as a boost to the party’s morale. But then, the party did not even bother to send the material to the media and Press.

Whatever material is available is that of photos and videos taken by the party enthusiasts and circulated on Whatsapp.

A party widely criticized of being a master of media management by the Opposition missed basics. The outdated thinking and lack of proactiveness in such things may cost the party big time especially with crucial elections just two years to go.