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Boozer Goes High and Drives His Car into an Airport

A man who is reportedly drunk has driven his car into an Airport while the cops chase the car on foot all over the building. The alcoholic created a 90-second drama in the airport alerting the security with a sudden bump into the airport.

This incident has occurred in the Russian airport and has been captured by the security cameras of the airport. The video has gone viral on the social media with people trolling both the driver and the policemen who kept running in vain behind the car to catch hold of the man. The car made several rounds with high speed in the airport.

People were scared with the sudden unexpected rush of the car out of blue. They too contributed to stopping the vehicle by throwing things on the speeding car but nothing worked. Finally, after all, the bumping, thrashing, chasing and everything, the car got crashed outside the airport and the police arrested him with which the drama ended.


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