Bollywood-style Gesture by Groom Makes US Desis Go AwwSome things happen, and one feels it only happens in movies. But this gesture has turned out to be the maa baap of all cute things the present generation heroes do on and offscreen. The gesture has won over the internet, and many felt the groom had the grit to pull off such an act in front of everyone.

Blogger Diti Goradia Roy happens to be the bride, and the groom happens to be Arnav Roy. Arnav touching Diti’s feet made all the guests, mostly US desis, drool. Incidentally, the pundit conducting the ceremony was quite upset, though he is said to have whispered to the bride that she was one lucky girl. It is an age-old custom that after the marriage is conducted, the bride touches the feet of the groom. Movies of the popular genre have also eulogized this ritual, and there is a huge emotional drama involving such scenes.

But Arnav simply surprised all with his sweet gesture of touching Diti’s feet without creating any drama. The video was shared on the Instagram page of Diti Goradia Roy, who has 20,000 followers and is based in New Jersey and New York City. “A core ceremony,” reads the text inserted in the video.

The video clip has garnered 415,000 likes, and many have written that it was such a warm and ultra-sweet gesture.

Recently, at another African American wedding, the groom read the wedding vows in English and Malayalam, which won over the internet.