Blue Media Worried About NTR's Rise & TDP's Growth RRR Pre-release event in Karnataka the other day is a big hit. While Mega Fans have attended the event in big numbers, it was Nandamuri fans who took charge of Chikkaballapur with complete authority.

Not being judgemental about anything regarding Ram Charan, the event has proven what NTR is capable of. Exactly for this reason, we can see sleeper cells getting alert.

Rise of NTR/Balakrishna is a rise of Telugu Desam Party because both the support bases overlap. It’s not that TDP wins because of the films. But the energy transforms from one place to another.

Nandamuri fans are on a super high recently with the success of Akhanda and the Josh seems to be doubling with RRR. This energy when anti-incumbency is at peaks on the Government is an alarming sign.

At this time, Blue media has become alert and started to pull down Tarak. The idea is to create rifts between NTR and TDP supporters and make sure they do not have each other’s support.

The immediate target is to divert people’s attention from NTR in RRR Hungama and then damage the prospects of TDP. They are startled by the yellow flags at RRR event last night.

They are trying to shoot NTR from the shoulders of his father-in-law, Narne Srinivasa Rao. This is to alienate NTR and poke TDP supporters. Remember NTR did not even tweet about the debut film of his brother-in-law, Narne Nithin.

Anyway, the attack from Blue media on NTR will intensify as RRR and the elections approach.