Blue Media Will Be The First One To Backstab NTRRecently we are seeing a narrative from a section of media, notoriously known as Blue Media, are full-on busy giving advice to NTR on his political stand. They are saying that NTR did nothing wrong by placing NTR and YSR on the same pedestal during his recent tweet.

The Blue media is trying to influence NTR to stay away from TDP and the yellow media. They are trying to sell the point that they are opportunists who used him on many occasions for their political benefits and later threw him away.

But the reality is that once NTR decides to come into politics, the same Blue media will be the first to degrade him as he will become their number one enemy. They will try to spoil his image and troll him using various handles, accounts, and websites on social media so that his political career is killed even before it starts.

Now they are supporting him for the stand he has taken in the NTR university controversy because it suits their agenda. They are trying to elevate NTR’s image just to downplay TDP.

But the day NTR decides to start his political innings, the same blue media will not leave any stone unturned to backstab him to finish him politically.

Let’s hope NTR knows the mind games and political games the blue media is trying to play with him and in the future he will deal with them in the smartest way possible.