amaravati-farmers-maha-padayatraAmaravati Farmers have gone to court against changes to the CRDA act. The Government amended the act to give house sites to the poor in the lands collected for Amaravati collection.

The intention of the Government is to give House sites to the poor in the key areas marked in Amaravati Master Plan. Once the poor are given House sites, it is next to impossible to take them back.

For example, if the house sites are given in the land earmarked to the industries, the entire land becomes untenable for investors. Similarly, the house sites will be scattered here and there making all the land under Amaravati Masterplan useless.

That means there is no chance of the implementation of Amaravati Master Plan even if a new government comes to power in 2024. Amaravati Farmers are fighting in the courts against this evil plan.

But then, the Government is using this to its benefit. In the Pro-Government media is influencing the people with fake propaganda about the case.

The headlines of such articles are kept saying that the Farmers will not allow poor into the capital and Amaravati is only the place for the rich.

This is a plan to make the poor and middle class ever to the concept of Amaravati and portray the Farmers in bad light. This way, the Government plans to curtail the support to the agitation of the Farmers.

At the same time, the Farmers could not take the real argument to the people.